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How to Make Your Upcoming Wedding Venue Standout

Getting married is one of the most critical milestones in your life. So, you need to make it as unique as possible. One thing you must take into account is the venue for the wedding. Trying to think of a place to hold the wedding can be nerve-wracking. A not-so-popular venue can be transformed into a magical place with the right planning and organizing. To help you choose the best wedding venue Melbourne and make it standout, below are some tips to follow:

Go against the flow

street wedding photosWhat does this mean? Well, you have to think outside the box. Don’t try to copy what everyone else is doing. Think of something that most newly-weds don’t do. How about a firetruck as your wedding car? Or a police car? For sure, these are ideas that are so out of the ordinary. You should apply the same concept to all aspects of the venue. Try to be different with everything – from the wine glasses you use to the choice of songs during the ceremony.

Do something unexpected

The element of surprise is essential in creating a memorable venue for a wedding event. You’ve probably come across those viral videos featuring grooms and brides doing wacky things. All these memorable videos share something in common and that is the fact that nobody was expecting them to do it. Be creative when thinking of a way to spice up the venue. How about singing your vows instead of boring everybody with a speech? This is just an example of doing something that’s unexpected. Everyone at the venue will get surprised thus, making your wedding more memorable.

Serve exotic food

It’s funny but what most people remember from attending a wedding is whether the food was good or not. Yes, it’s kind of unfair but that’s human nature. So what you need to do is come up with a menu that’s both tasty and exotic. This is why it’s important that you get the services of a professional chef or a reputable caterer to deal with the food.

Get the services of a decorator

unique wedding venueWhen it comes to wedding venues, first impressions play a huge role. And what do the attendees see first when they arrive at a venue? The decorations of course. If you have bad or glum decorations, it can completely dampen the mood in the event. The decorations have to be lively and vibrant, two attributes that can only be achieved by a professional wedding decorator.

So what would make your upcoming wedding venue standout? Well, just follow the practical tips discussed above and you are good to go.…

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